Gifting Subs Mean On Twitch

Gifting Subs Mean On Twitch: If you’re an active Twitch streaming player, what do you increase the number of followers you have?

 Sure, with good content! Sometimes, interacting and listening to subscribers is the most crucial element to growing Twitch’s group. 

This is where gift subscriptions can be a big help. Consider subs as a gesture of gratitude to acknowledge streaming on Twitch for their efforts.

 The streamer may even offer subs to anyone who follows his channel. Scroll to the bottom to learn more about the significance of giving away subscribers on Twitch.

Twitch Gifting Subs Meaning

You’ve probably heard many streamers thanking their viewers for the subs they received.

 What exactly are subs? Subs are gifts in the form of money by streamers to subscribers to express gratitude or appreciation. 

Various gift subscriptions are available on Twitch. Subs can be gifted to streamers for three months, six months, or a full year using multiple tiers

The streamer receives 50% of the total price of the sub, while the remainder goes to Twitch.

What are the tiers available on Twitch?

There are three levels of gift subs.

  • If you offer a Subscription of Tier 1 subscription to the streamer, it will cost you $ 4.99
  • For Tier 2 sub, it is $ 9.99
  • For Tier 3 sub, it’s $24.99

You can also cancel the subscription at any time if you decide to change your mind.

 The larger the audience of streamers is, the more you can reduce the cost of your subscription by taking advantage of their deals.

Are there any advantages for Subs to Twitch?

The following are a few perks offered from streamers to their subscriber’s customers:

Stream content that is Ad-Free

  • Imagine watching thrilling live games, and then suddenly ads pop up. Wouldn’t it be irritating?
  • You can enjoy their channels with no ads if you’ve subscribed to their website.

Exclusive Sub-only Chat

  • You can chat with your subscribing Twitch streamers through the chat function.
  • The best part is the possibility of chatting with them while they stream online and engage with you.

Channel points

  • These are the perks offered to subscribers by the streamers after joining their channel.
  • They could be expressed in emoticons, badges, or sub-emotes. Streamers also offer them to their users to engage.
  • You can receive an emote that highlights your message in the chat via the streamer.
  • Additionally, you will receive a variety of badges from the streamer that mark the years or months you’ve been a part of the community.

Exclusive Subscriber Streams

  • Subscriber streams are the most recent feature add on the Twitch community.
  • It lets you connect to an individual stream on your chosen channel and engage or enjoy their streams.
  • This feature is helpful for streamers who want to host a particular event-related live stream Twitch.

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