How to Get Glaceon from Pokemon GO

Glaceon from Pokemon GO: Recently, I was having a conversation about Eevee mutations. Glaceon looks like a cat in a hoodie, according to one of my friends. 

My friend is wrong. Glaceon is adorable as a dicken and a decent Ice type. Here’s how to get Glaceon from Pokemon Go.

How to Get Glaceon from Pokemon GO

There are currently two ways to get a Glaceon. One is by evolving an Eevee, and the other defeats it in a raid.

 There are two ways to get an Eevee if you want to: the lure method and the naming method.

  • Naming: Name your Eevee “Rea” and then evolve it as usual to become a Glaceon. This trick is only good once.
  • Lure method: If you are near an active Glacial Lure and your Eevee evolves, it will become a Glaceon.

Glaceon can be defeated in raids if you skip the evolutionary process who is currently leading three-star raids, is wearing an adorable winter cape.

Glaceon Counters and Weaknesses 

It is a pure Ice-type, meaning its resistances are broken down.

  • Weak against: Fighting, Rock, Steel, Fire
  • Ice Resistant

These are the moves Glaceon currently has in its arsenal:

Quick Moves

  • Ice Shard (Ice).
  • Frost Breath (Ice).

Main Moves

  • Ice Beam (Ice).
  • Icy Wind (Ice).
  • Avalanche (Ice)

Glaceon is what we refer to as a “specialist” because it can defeat Pokemon that are weak against Ice types.

 It’s an absolute monster. But, unfortunately, it’s not as good as everyone else. Any Pokemon with its weaknesses and isn’t weak to Ice attacks can quickly defeat a wild Glaceon.

Chandelure, Metagrosss, and Lucario are all excellent counters. They are all resistant to Ice attacks and can double up on Steel and Fighting moves. 

With their high DPS, any one of these Pokemon will quickly knock out Glaceon, allowing you to catch it and enjoy its cuteness.


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