Goa Congress crisis: Michael Lobo denies 'hobnobbing' with BJP

On Monday, Michael Lobo denied any “hobnobbing” with the governing Bharatiya Janata Party and insisted that he is still a member of the grand old party and that failing to attend a press conference is insufficient grounds for disqualification. Michael Lobo had been forced out of his position as Goa’s opposition leader by the Congress for working with the BJP to engineer defection in the party. During disputes about the Goa Congress spill, Michael Lobo said, “No, there isn’t any snobbery (with BJP). I believe someone acts this way because they want to lead the opposition.” “It wasn’t a CLP meeting; it was a meeting with Mukul Wasnik. The senior Congressman from Rajya Sabha has been here to discuss events in the state. I’ve told him we support the Congress party, “Added him.

Michael Lobo said that failing to show up for a news conference could not be a reason to be disqualified. Because he had colluded with the BJP in the disqualification suit against him, Congress withdrew him from his position as Goa LoP on Sunday. “All 11 of the MLAs (of Congress) are inside, according to deputy CLP Sankalp Amonkar, who made the statement in the House. 7 of them, however, came to our meeting both yesterday and today. We’ve scheduled another CLP gathering for this evening; let’s see how many people show up, “Amit Patkar, leader of the Goa Congress, stated.

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In a meeting with all of the Congress party’s MLAs in Goa, Congress leader Mukul Wasnik, who is in the state to monitor the most recent political events, discussed ways to strengthen the Congress party there. “I met with every MLA from the Congress party in Goa. How to strengthen the Congress party in the state was discussed, “Mukul Wasnik remarked.

He asserts that the BJP can no longer break the Congress MLAs. “Some individuals want to dismantle Congress and other political parties’ MLAs. They attempted to do the same with our party in Goa, but Congress MLAs have shown to them that they would utterly fail here “wasnik said.

“It is the duty of Congress to care for its MLAs. Nobody has been invited to join us. No one contacts me as state president. Their internal strife is the cause. We are not involved in it “declared Sadanand Shet Tanavade, head of the BJP in Goa.

Congress interim president Sonia Gandhi has urged party MP Mukul Wasnik to hurry to the coastal state to monitor the most recent political events because she is worried that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is planning to orchestrate defection in the party as five party MLAs go into exile.

The Goa Assembly’s Leader of Opposition, Michael Lobo, was fired by Congress on Sunday for allegedly conspiring to induce defections. Congress said that the BJP was attempting to divide the party’s lawmakers by 2/3 and had promised them enormous sums of money.

Sankalp Amonkar, a Congress lawmaker, had stated: “A democratic murder has occurred. The BJP government intends to eliminate the opposition. They sought to unite with them 2/3 of our MLAs, but our MLAs prevented that from happening. To choose a new CLP leader, we are now meeting. All 11 MLAs are now serving in Congress.”

According to Congress, Lobo and Digambar Kamat plotted to create defections in “complete collaboration” with the BJP. Delilah Lobo, a Congress legislator and the wife of BJP politician and chief minister Pramod Sawant, was seen on Sunday leaving the house.

Pramod Sawant, the chief minister of Goa, said when asked whether any Congress MLAs had visited him: “Many people come to see me as CM. The Assembly is tomorrow, so many came to see me about it. I have a lot of Assembly work to do. Why will I voice my opinion on matters involving other parties?”