Today is a good day for the fans of KonoSuba, who can now watch the anime on none other than Crunchyroll. Konosuba: An Explosion on this wonderful world” began publication back in July 2014 as a spin-off of the Konosuba light novel series.

Since it’s a spin-off anime, you won’t watch the characters like Kazuma, Darkness, and Aqua. On the other hand, the anime is the prequel story for Megumin, who dreams of becoming the ultimate explosion wizard on Earth.

Konosuba Spin-off Anime

We’ll talk more about the KonoSuba spin-off later; however, we can’t wait to know who has performed the opening and closing themes of the anime.

Drums roll; as the opening theme song is “Stay Free,” performed by the most talented Machico. Also, Aki Toyosaki and Rie Takahashi performed the closing song titled “Jump In.”

Do the names of the artists who performed the ending theme song sound familiar to you? Yes, Rie Takahashi has given the voice to the lead character Megumin while YunYun has the voice of Aki Toyosaki. What’s unique about the anime franchise is that they use the same voice cast for the theme songs.

That’s why the ending themes song of KonoSuba, with the title “Chiisana Boken-sha,” was performed by:

  • Sora Amamiya – Aqua
  • Ai Kayano – Darkness
  • Rie Takahashi – Megumin

The third promotion video of TV anime streams on Kadokawa earlier in February 2023. The writer Natsume Akatsuki and the illustrator Kurone Mishima are the talented people behind the spin-off novel series.

The cast of the spin-off anime includes:

  • Rie Takahashi – Megumin
  • Maria Naganawa – Komekko
  • Aki Toyosaki – Yunyun
  • Kaori Nazuka – Arue
  • Sayumi Suzushiro – Dodonko

The first trailer of the spin-off anime was released on December 4, 2022, the day Megumin was born. It’s Studio Drive is animating the series while the direction is being done by none other than Yujiro Abe. Other talented crew includes the following:

  • Makoto Uezu – Supervisor series composition
  • Masato Koda – Music composer
  • Koichi Kikuta – Character design illustrator

KonoSuba Light Novel Series

Written by Natsume Akatsuki, the KonoSuba light novel series features Kazuma, a student who dies tragically in a traffic accident. After his death, he meets the goddess Aqua where he has the chance to reincarnate in a fantasy world.

Since he has the option to keep one thing to himself, he chooses Aqua, and later both are transported to their new lives. In the new fantasy world, the duo pair to earn a livelihood to buy shelter, clothing, and food.

However, later they hire the swordswoman Darkness and sorceress Megumin who are less useless than Kazuma and Aqua.

Final Word

The KonoSuba: An Explosion on This Wonderful World! premiers on April 6, 2023. If you haven’t watched the first two seasons, you can stream on Crunchyroll.

The first season was on-aired in 2016, while the second premiered in 2017. Later on, an anime film was also released titled Konosuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! Legend of Crimson.