Google deactivates RCS ads in response to Indian spammers.

Google deactivates RCS ads in response to Indian spammers: Google has banned companies from using Rich Communication Services (RCS) for marketing in India. The company’s most prominent user market. This is a setback for the standard that Google hopes will become the future of SMS texting.

Google, Samsung, and other corporations have pushed out RCS to hundreds of millions of consumers worldwide. RCS is a partnership between industry participants to improve conventional SMS with richer messages and end-to-end encryption.

Sanaz Ahari, the director of product management for Android Messages, said in 2019 that the company’s ambition for RCS was “a great. Simple user experience that just works for every Android user.” Since then, it has come a long way.

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Google claimed in May that Android Messages’ RCS messaging has 500 million monthly active users. During its developer conference, Google invited any smartphone operating system (a dig at Apple) to embrace RCS. Allowing companies to engage customers more directly.

Google deactivates RCS ads in response to Indian spammers

Many Indian companies, especially giant banks and lending institutions, have been exploiting the capability to send unsolicited promotional materials to whatever phone number they can find throughout the nation.

Android and Google Play’s director of product communications told The Verge that some firms circumvent anti-spam regulations to send promotional messages to Indian consumers. We’re blocking this feature in India to enhance the user experience.

The advertising was transmitted using RCS’s business messaging capability. Enabling verified organizations to send messages with images and interactive elements.

Twitter users expressed disappointment. Even with Spam Protection activated, customers, report getting multiple advertisements each day. And banning and reporting offender accounts does not prevent advertising from other firms from appearing.

Personal loans, gambling, and life insurance commercials are also offenders. Sending QR-code tickets or permitting online purchases are examples. Additionally, specific “Verified Business” “Google ads flood India’s users.

Google disabled the service as it “worked with the industry to enhance user experience.”