Google Doodle is planning to ring in the New Year with a bang

Google Doodle is planning to ring in the New Year with a bang. 

The New Year’s Eve celebration is underway, and the search engine Google does not intend to let the year begin on a sour note. 

With confetti, candy, and plenty of jacklights, Google Doodle for New Year is set to make users feel awestruck.

In celebration of New Year, on Friday (December 31), Google has come up with the latest festive and celebratory design.

The best part of the sketch was made public globally after the clock hit 12 and the candle was lit. 

It appears to be like it’s about to explode in celebrating the New Year worldwide with a cute festival celebrated with the huge G.

This time Google Doodle did not include an explanation of the doodle and left it to the users to make their own decisions. “That’s the end of 2021. Merry New Year’s Eve!” wrote Google on its latest design.

Although the design is still simple this time, the new one is more fun and lively compared to Google’s prior New Year Doodles.

The world will bid farewell to 2021, which was marred by devastating waves of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Nevertheless, the year brought about a variety of changes, including the efforts by world leaders to fight global warming, Olympics 2021 Paralympics 2021, and the vaccination of COVID.


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