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Govt Imposes Night curfew in Delhi due to the Covid 19 spikes

Govt Imposes Night curfew in Delhi due to the Covid 19 spikes. 

New Delhi: With the positive rate of COVID-19 reaching 0.55 percent, officials from the Delhi administration have decided to reinstate the night curfew beginning Monday. 

Officials say the curfew for nighttime will be enforced as part of the 4-stage Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP) when the positive rate is 0.5 percent for two days.

Under GRAP, the ‘Yellow’ alert is issued when the positive rate is within 0.5 percentage for two consecutive weeks. This can lead to a variety of restrictions. 

According to official sources, Sunday typically is a day with fewer tests, affecting the positive rate. In addition, the curfew at night will start on Monday at 11 pm and last until 5 am.

Last 24 Hours Covid 19 cases in Delhi

Delhi recorded 290 new coronavirus infections on Sunday, the highest number since June 10 and one death, as the positivity rate climbed by 0.55 percent, as per data released by the Delhi Health Department of the Delhi government.

On June 10, the country’s capital reported 305 cases and 44 deaths. The total has been increased to 14,433,352, while the death toll stands at 25,105. The total number of active topics stands at 1,103. Out of 583 of them are isolated at home.

Lockdown Restriction in Delhi

The “Yellow” (level-1) warning will sound when the positive rate exceeds 0.5 percent or when new cases reach 1,500 or the oxygenated beds are occupied to 500. 

The response will allow the construction of factories, manufacturing,, and opening shops for essential products.

What is the policy to be allowed in Delhi?

Businesses and establishments that offer products and services that are not essential and malls will be permitted to be open from 10 am to 8 pm based on the odd-even formula. One market per week per zone and 50% of vendors allowed to be open.

Restaurants can operate at 50 percent capacity between 8 am and 10 pm, while bars will also be used with the same capacity. 

However, they will be open from 12 noon until 10 pm. Funerals and marriage ceremonies will be permitted with a minimum of 20 guests; however, all other gatherings will be banned.

It is expected that the Delhi Metro will run at 50 percent capacity. At the same time, auto-rickshaws and taxis can transport two or more passengers. 

However, buses will only be able to transport 50 percent exempted passengers as per GRAP.

Halls for banqueting, cinemas, gyms, spas, outdoor yoga amusement stadiums, parks, and swimming pools, as well as colleges and schools, are not permitted when the alert ‘Yellow’ is heard. However, the places of worship will be open but with no visitors.

Gardens and parks can be opened. Private offices can function using up to fifty% of employees. 

For Delhi government offices, too, except for specific officials, only half of the remaining employees are allowed to work.



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