Greece has built a 40-kilometer barrier along its border with Turkey to deter potential asylum seekers from attempting to enter Europe.

Greece said on Friday that it had completed a 40-kilometer fence on its border with Turkey. Greece had put a new surveillance system to prevent potential asylum seekers from trying to reach Europe after the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan.

Events in Afghanistan have fueled fears in the European Union of a repeat of the 2015 refugee. At that time, nearly a million people fleeing war and poverty in the Middle East and beyond crossed into Greece from Turkey earlier. To travel north to more prosperous states.

Greece was on the front lines of that crisis and has said its border forces are on the alert to ensure it does not become the gateway to Europe again.
The Afghanistan crisis had created “possibilities for migratory flows,” Citizen Protection Minister Michalis Chrisochoidis said after visiting the Evros region on Friday with the defense minister and the head of the armed forces.

“We cannot wait passively for the possible impact,” Chrisochoidis told reporters. “Our borders will remain secure and inviolable.

Chrisochoidis said the extension of the existing 12.5-kilometer fence had been completed in recent days, as well as a high-tech automated electronic monitoring system.

Migrant arrivals to Greece, either by land or sea, had generally dropped to a minimum since 2016 when the EU agreed to an agreement with Turkey to halt the flows in exchange for financial support.


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