Guard Cancel in a DNF Duel

Guard Cancel in a DNF Duel: Arc Systems Works, the uncontested rulers of the fighting game genre, has just released a new fighting game called DNF Duel. This new brawler boasts an impressive cast of characters with additional unique techniques and a wide variety of unique mechanics.

While technical proficiency is essential to succeeding in any combat game. You shouldn’t undervalue the advantage that knowledge may provide you over your adversary. In addition, knowing fundamental game mechanics may offer you a significant advantage over opponents who are unfamiliar with them.

This article will show you how to protect cancel so you can become more proficient in DNF Duel.

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Guard Revocation in a DNF Duel

In DNF Duel, Guard Cancelling is often call an Alpha Counter. It would help if you simultaneously pressed the skill button (Triangle or Y on controllers) and retreat (moving away from the opponent) while guarding to activate your alpha counter.

This attack will hurt the opponent while blocking their next ability.

Use caution while utilizing your alpha counter since it costs as much as it is effective. For example, alpha counter use will cost 100 MP. Overusing this powerful skill can leave you resource-poor and exposed.

The most significant time to defend cancel is when you want to surprise and punish your opponent while sparing yourself from damage by an intense assault.

Make careful you don’t grow too dependent on your alpha counter, or you’ll find yourself at the mercy of opponents who know how to counter it. On the other hand, throwing off an opponent’s combo and initiating a high damage chain is an excellent deal for the 100 mp cost.

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