Hall of the Novice in Final Fantasy XIV

Hall of the Novice in Final Fantasy XIV: As a new player, there are several features in Final Fantasy XIV that can help you get into the game and learn mechanics quickly. One of the best in the Hall of the Novice. 

Essentially a tutorial for the game, the Beginner’s Lounge will teach you the basics of your class and your role.

The Rookie Hall is a series of short assignments that takes you through fundamental concepts, such as avoiding Area of ​​Effect attacks, executing combos, and how to manage a battlefield. 

What is Hall of the Novice in Final Fantasy XIV?

There are individual tasks for each role, such as building Enmity (aggro) of enemies for tanks, helping allies for healers, and dealing with additions for DPS.

From level 15, you can talk to an NPC called The Smith in the Adventurer’s Guild of any major city. This will unlock the Rookie Lounge. 

After that, the Rookie Lounge is always accessible under the Duty section of the menu.

Finally, the Beginner’s Hall offers a good experience. Completing all the tasks will unlock a pretty good level 15 gear that will take your character to the middle of A Realm Reborn’s story. 

What’s more, completing all of the flavors gives you the precious new ring, an item that grants + 30% EXP while below level 30 in any combat class.

In general, seasoned MMO players probably won’t find the Beginner’s Lounge very useful, aside from the new ring and gear.