Halo Insiders will test campaign co-op in July.

Halo Insiders will test campaign co-op in July: The official Halo Twitter account announced today that a flight for Halo Infinite‘s co-op feature would take place this summer. Players who have joined the Halo Insiders program will get early access to the co-op “flight” when it opens in July at an unspecified date.

If the July Halo Infinite co-op flight goes as planned, 343 Industries will be on track to accomplish its objective of deploying co-op for all players by late August. You can see the remainder of their season two schedule and a sneak peek at their season three program right here.

Since it confirm last summer that campaign co-op and Forge will part of the post-launch plan. Fans of the Halo series have missing two binding modes. However, co-op is obviously on the way, and it seems that Forge will include in the season three roadmap updates.

Even though co-op is getting closer, there’s no clear indication of when the production team will be ready to deploy this online cooperative campaign option to the general public. Aside from the announcement that the trip would commence in July. There is no exact date for the flight to begin.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to join the Halo Insider program. Go here to learn more and sign up. The official Halo Insider co-op flight Twitter may be down below.