Fans have already been excited to hear the news of the Pokemon Reboot series; however, things are becoming more exciting. Have you spotted a mysterious character with black and white hair? If yes, it could be the new main villain who may be after Roy and Liko’s artifacts.

The Pokemon Reboot series will premiere on April 14 in Japan with a special hour-long episode. The new trailer hints to the fans about a possible rival or a villain who will be after the main character Liko and, of course, her Pokemon Sprigatito.

Also, the series won’t feature Ash Ketchum, who has officially retired as a character after 25 years.

Pokemon Reboot

The trailer features the main character, Liko, at the school. Also, the trailer confirms certain news, such as Sprigatito is with Liko and a new character who seems to be the partner of the new Pokemon Ceruledge. Finally, you can see the silhouette of Rayquaza high in the sky in the final poster.

After the eighth episode of Pokemon: Aim to be a Master, the first trailer of Pokemon Reboot premiered on the Pokemon Youtube channel.

The new anime character who is potential is a man with black and white hair, who may have partnered with the new Pokemon Ceruledge. Also, it’s interesting to note that Pokemon Ceruledge is thought to be created due to donning armor cursed with grudges.

Pokemon Ceruledge is the darker side of Pokemon and may battle with Liko, as shown in the trailer. Professor Fried is riding a Charizard. Of course, we know that Professor Fried is being accompanied by Pikachu, who can be the Captain of a mysterious ship presented in the trailer. Ikue Ohtani is the voice actor for Captain Pikachu.

Let’s talk briefly about Ceruledge, who has an edgy look as a Pokemon and will not be used by the good kids in the anime. However, there is confusion as the character doesn’t seem pure evil; instead, it features more of a rival-type character compared to a staunch negative character.

It’s an established fact that Roy and Liko have possession of mysterious and rare artifacts, which are the fancy Poke Ball and the pendant.

Hence, there will be fights and battles about the possession of the artifacts between good and evil. Also, you can see that the new villain character is battling with Liko in the trailer.

Finally, the main visual also shows several Pokemon, such as the new Pawmi or the old Paldea.

Final Word

The viewers in Japan are ready to watch the Pokemon Reboot series on April 14, 2023. However, sadly, there isn’t any news about the international release date.

The silver lining is that it can be broadcasted on Pokemon TV soon since it’s home to most of the fantastic anime series. So cross your fingers and stay tuned for some latest news about the Pokemon Reboot.

For now, you can enjoy some of the Pokemon seasons on Amazon Prime and Netflix.