Highland Park shooting suspect confessed to another attack

Highland Park shooting suspect confessed to another attack.

According to authorities, the suspect accused of murdering seven people at a July 4 celebration in Highland Park, Illinois, drove to Wisconsin after the shooting and “seriously considered” carrying out another assault. 

In an interview with detectives, Robert “Bobby” Crimo III, 21, reportedly “went into specifics about what he had done,” admitting to the deaths, according to the authorities.

Chris Covelli, the deputy chief of the Lake County Major Crime Task Force, told reporters on Wednesday that after Crimo left the Illinois shooting site, he went to Madison and saw a different Christmas party.

According to Covelli, he “seriously considered” carrying another shooting with the gun he carried in his car.

Covelli said, “We don’t have evidence to indicate he originally intended to go to Madison to carry out another assault. Instead, we think he spotted the celebration while driving around after the first assault.

The reason the suspect did not carry out another assault is still unclear, according to Covelli, but “indications are that he hadn’t put enough thought and investigation into it.” Authorities have said that they think Crimo spent weeks planning the assault in Highland Park.

It’s also unclear, according to Covelli, why Crimo left Madison and traveled back to Illinois, where he was finally detained when a police officer pulled his mother’s vehicle down. Crimo abandoned his phone in Madison, according to him, and it has since been found.

State’s Attorney for Lake County Eric Rinehart said Crimo would not be released on bail. He said that the investigators informed the judge during the bail hearing on Wednesday that he shot a clip of 30 bullets, reloaded, continued to shoot, and reloaded a third time.

On Tuesday, seven charges of first-degree murder were brought against Crimo. According to Rinehart, who announced the allegations, he would be subject to a mandatory life sentence without the chance of parole if found guilty.

Rinehart predicted that “many, many” further charges would be brought against the shooters, including attempted murder and aggravated violence with a firearm for each victim. These accusations, he added, are anticipated for late July.

According to police, the incident resulted in at least 45 persons being hurt or dying. 

Katherine Goldstein, 64; Kevin McCarthy, 37; Irina McCarthy, 35; Jacquelyn Sundheim, 63; Stephen Straus, 88; Nicolas Toledo-Zaragoza, 78; and Eduardo Uvaldo, 69; are the names of the seven victims who have passed away, according to the authorities.