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Himanta Sarma’s Stinger on Ex-Assam Congress Chief’s Resignation

Ex-Assam Congress chief Ripun Bora, also a member of the Rajya Sabha, has resigned. This has opened up a whole new world in the state.
After joining the Trinamool Congress on Sunday, Bora had said that Assam Congress leaders were to blame for his defeat in the recent Rajya Sabha elections.

He also noted that some Assam Pradesh Congress leaders had a secret deal with the BJP government, especially Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma. They called him “selfish.”

So now, the Chief Minister has added a new twist to the scandal by repeating the accusations made by Mr Bora in his resignation letter about Congress leaders and MLAs who helped him, as well.

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There will be another election for the Rajya Sabha tomorrow, and Mr Sarma says that if there is another election, the Congress MLAs say they’ll vote for him.

“It is true that 9-10 Congress MLAs have voted or helped us in the Rajya Sabha polls. If the elections are held again tomorrow, they will help me. You can call it what you want, but if there are Rajya Sabha elections tomorrow, they will likewise help me, no matter what you call it, “Mr Sarma said.

In his resignation letter, Mr Bora said that infighting in the Assam Congress was why he left the party.

After four decades with Congress, he joined Trinamool on Sunday.

He also blamed party leaders for his defeat in the Rajya Sabha elections. He even said that some Assam Pradesh Congress leaders had a secret deal with the BJP government.

Congress nominated bora to run for the House of Lords again. As a candidate for the opposition parties in Assam, he lost in the recently held Rajya Sabha elections because he didn’t have enough votes.

“People in Congress in Assam are close to me because I’ve been in Congress for 22 years. This includes Ripun Bora, who I’ve known for a long time. People from Congress want to join the BJP, but they don’t know-how. Those people who wish to join us will join other parties, but they say there is no future in Congress. We have to make space for them. As time goes on, you will see more people leave the Congress, “Mr Sarma added to the list of things.



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