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Hitman 3 is getting a new game mode called Freelancer.

Hitman 3 is getting a new game mode: Hitman 3.0 is about to enter the second season of its release, 2022, and it will also be bringing new content players can anticipate.

The Hitman 3 Year 2. strategies were teased a couple of days ago, and today the new content has been revealed.

In the past, IO Interactive, the producer and developer of Hitman 3, published a stream of a reveal video that gives information on year two games’ content plan. 

The video states that Hitman 3: Year 2 will begin officially on January 20th, 20, 2022. 

The video highlights several new features to add, like technological improvements, Hitman VR for PC, and a handful of brand new game modes.

One of the brand new game modes in Hitman 3.0 in the coming year’s edition is Freelancer, a brand single-player mode that brings new rogue-like elements into the game.

 In Freelancer, players can select between several different campaigns, representing a major criminal organization within The Hitman world of assassination.

 Each campaign has distinct missions, and each will send players on a “globetrotting campaign” across different places.

If you choose to play in Freelancer game mode. Missions will include Agent 47 focus on the top leaders of every criminal enterprise. And the players will be able to choose the order in which they wish to take on the missions.

 After they have eliminated the company’s chief, players pay for completing the mission. 

Additionally, the campaign missions have transformed into Freelancer mode. This means they’ll be able to use new NPCs that could aid or hinder the progress of Agent 47. 

Other new features include safes, hidden stashes as well as NPC assassins.

Freelancer will include a new map and playable environment named Agent 47’s Safehouse, allowing players to think about, plan, restock, and replenish and choose new outfits for Agent 47 before heading out for the mission.

 It’s also where players can return to after finishing a mission Freelancer mode. 

The safehouse can customize and is available to explore by players. As they unlock new areas and options for customization as they move through Freelancer. 

For instance, there’s the mission hub, where Agent 47 can view the available Freelancer campaigns, as well as the firing range, in which players can test new weapons.

When it comes to weaponry, Agent 47’s gear in Freelancer “is not persistent.”

 Also, any items that the players take during a trip and don’t return lost. When they return to their safe house. 

This includes poison syringes, explosives, or other substances utilized during missions.

 But, players can stock up with the latest tools and weapons through Suppliers. And NPCs from which gamers can meet on missions and buy gear.

 This Freelancer game is in the final stages of development and is set to release in Hitman 3.0 at the end of Spring 2022.

Hitman 3.0 is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.


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