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How has Bing Bong become the rallying cry of the resurgent New York Knicks?

How has Bing Bong become the rallying cry of the resurgent New York Knicks?

Those two words mean one thing. The New York Knicks have won. The hilarious catch cry has taken over NBA Twitter, but how did it come about?

Let’s go back to opening night, where the Knicks dumped the Boston Celtics for a double-overtime victory in front of a rabid home crowd at Madison Square Garden.

What followed outside the Garden was one of the funniest celebrations and reactions from a fan base desperate for the Knicks to become a force in the league after two decades of fighting.

SideTalk NYC posted this completely insane video out of the arena, which naturally went viral.

Amid the jubilation, there is a second long cut from a Knicks fan uttering the now famous two words: BING BONG !!

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Newly acquired Knicks point guard Evan Fournier posted one of the best responses to the video, quoting the video on Twitter and asking “what have I gotten myself into.”

Jordie Bloom is the man in the video, or as he recently said Complex sports, is now known as “Bing Bong Guy”.

If you’ve watched Side Talk videos in the past, you know that they all start with the Bing Bong sound in reference to the New York City subway.

“I want to build a community. I’m in this to try and create something that is bigger than me, “says Bloom.

Trent Simonian and Jack Byrne went into more detail about Bing Bong’s background in Complex Sports history.

“It’s a double reference that 1. is commonly said in our Coney Island episodes and was invented by Coney Island rapper Nems and 2. is the sound heard in the Sidewalk intro.

“Since it’s a very well-known Sidetalk reference and fans recognized us filming an episode outside of the Knicks game, Jordie saw us and threw an adlib ‘bing bong’. We added it to the Knicks episode as a reference to our previous episodes and it has since become the unofficial Knicks catchphrase for the start of the season. “

Not only has the phrase taken over the NBA’s Twitter, but it has also spread to other media outlets as well, with the Knicks’ post-game show using the rallying cry after victories and even local newspapers splashing the news. phrase on your sports pages.

Bing Bong is here to stay, now is the time to find out if the Knicks 4-1 are too.


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