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How Political Parties In UP Are Planning “Digital Campaigns”

As the Uttar Pradesh election is just months away, the nation is struggling with the third

round of the Covid pandemic.

 Political parties are expect to count on digital campaigning more than ever before in the

state elections crucial in the state with the highest population.

Congress chief and the Party’s Uttar Pradesh campaign in charge Priyanka Gandhi Vadra

will make her debut through her Facebook and Twitter accounts this afternoon to discuss

the party’s feminist-focused ‘ ladki hoon lad Sakti Hoon (I’m female and can be a fighter) campaign.

 In an announcement, the party announced that members and the general public could ask

Ms. Vadra in the course of the conversation.

The switch to virtual elections for the Congress results from an announcement just a few

days ago to stop campaigning and rallies on the ground for a period of a fortnight. 

It was the first political party to make this kind of announcement in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

The decision  following the running marathon organize by Congress leaders in Bareilly town, which saw thousands of youngsters who were not mask take part in the race, which led to a near stampede incident.

The party claims that other digital campaigns will be announce  soon.

The Samajwadi Party has not made an official statement regarding digital campaigns.

However, its war room for social media was in operation in the 2017 elections for the assembly. 

Sources suggest that they plan to step up the social media game to the next level on several levels.

One first step might be – The party tweeter links that invite members to sign up for

WhatsApp groups that workers run from the party across the state’s 400 + constituencies for the assembly.

 One such group, view by the reporter, contain several videos and photos of the party’s campaigns,

including the most recent “Fark Saaf Hai” responses to the BJP social print and media campaign of the same name. 

The campaign has been running for a couple of months and is aim at members of the

Akhilesh Yadav government from 2012 to 2017 for ‘corruption’ and encouraging mafias.’

The BJP is believed to be the leader in how social media to political campaigns is

bombarding newspapers with numerous full or half-page advertisements over the last month.

A majority of these ads feature images of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and CM Adityanath 

three key slogans: ‘double engine the sarkaar’, ‘soch imandaar the kaam damdaar’ slogan and “fark saaf hai.

” Similar messages have been happening across WhatsApp groups, and Twitter accounts for BJP supporters recently.

The party also had strong on-the-ground campaigns up until the last few days.

However, a top IT wing official of the party was quoted in local media as saying that the

main next phase is using ‘3D technology’ to conduct virtual rallies through social media.

The party has WhatsApp groups across the state’s 1.5 lakh plus booths for voting.

Mayawati’s BSP is using Facebook to stream physical rallies of the senior Leader Satish

Chandra Mishra on life might need to do more to compete with the power of social media used by its rivals.

Comments Parties also plan how to utilize trucks and vans equipped with LED screens to

broadcast video messages across the state, specifically in rural areas.


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