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How to Bunt in MLB The Show 22

Bunt in MLB The Show 22: In baseball, a bunt is a batter technique in which the batter hits the ball without swinging at it. Instead, he will deliberately make very weak contact with the Ball and Bat so that the Ball will fall into the field.

 This thwarts the defender’s plans, making holes in their defense. It is clear from this that a Bunt can be very powerful when used at the right time. 

But how does this relate to MLB The Show 22? In this game, you can Bunt, which creates space for your team to make some runs. You can learn how to Bunt in this guide.

How to Bunt in MLB The Show 22

It’s pretty easy to perform a bunt in MLB The Show 22. What you need to do is as follows.

  • Xbox One & Xbox Series X/S – Hold Y and aim using the Right Joystick.
  • PS4 and PS5 – Hold Triangle; aim with Right Joystick.
  • Nintendo Switch – Hold the X key and aim with Right Joystick

If you do it right, you will make a Bunt. As you hold the button for the Bunt, you will feel the Controller shake.

 With a bit of practice, you will be able to hit the ball every time you throw it. Having the Bunt in your arsenal will make your opponents think twice about what they will do. 

Keep in mind that you should not use this technique very often because your opponent will see you the next time you do it. Be random and unpredictable, and that’s how you’ll get to the top. 

You should also be ready to run when you hit the technique in MLB The Show 22. In this case, any close fielders might act fast so that you might lose the play.




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