Change Nickname and Signature in Free Fire

Change Nickname and Signature in Free Fire: Free Fire is among the most well-known battle royale games in the mobile gaming business, with regular updating and graphics. 

There are numerous other features, including customizable settings and the option to alter the majority of them.

Change Nickname and Signature in Free Fire

Players can add fancy icons to their names, which makes their profiles appear more attractive. 

Free Fire also comes with the signature feature, where players can write excellent tag phrases. 

This article outlines the ways to modify the signatures and nicknames of Free Fire.

You can change a nickname by logging into your profile on Free Fire.

Names can be changed by players in Free Fire by using rename cards or straight from the profile page. 

In addition, gamers can apply excellent text to their nicknames. Here’s a step-by-step guide for changing your username in Free Fire:

  1. First, start Free Fire on your phone.
  2. Simply click on the profile in the left upper corner.
  3. Tap the edit icon next to the profile photo within the Gallery section.
  4. Select the Nickname icon to edit or add a name to the profile.
  5. Five) Players can choose to add new nicknames and tap 390 diamonds to apply any further modifications.
  6. Click the Confirm button to change the nickname to Free Fire.

How to change the signature in Free Fire?

Free Fire also offers its users the possibility of changing their signatures. They can add any phrase or motto they want in the signature area. 

Fortunately, it doesn’t need diamonds or any other form of currency to alter the signatures within Free Fire.

Here is a step by procedure on how to modify the signature you have to Free Fire:

  1. Open the Free Fire game on your phone.
  2. Choose the “Profile” tab to edit your signature.
  3. In the section for profile, Click on the Edit button.
  4. The players will be presented with an additional dialog box that offers options to modify the options.

In the standard settings, players will have the option of changing their personal signatures. However, this is all about how to change Nickname and Signature in Free Fire.