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How to check NHL Server Status?

How to check NHL Server Status: NHL 22 is a multiplayer video game that simulates ice hockey created by EA Sports. Unfortunately, since the introduction of NHL 22, players have experienced several problems with connection and bugs. 

Its servers at NHL are constantly failing and causing players to not connect to the game and thus are unable to participate in the sport.

 Find out how you can determine the server’s status to play NHL 22 in this guide.

NHL 22 Servers Not Working? What can I do to check NHL 22 Server Status

Here are the ways to determine if the EA servers are not working in NHL 22.


Downdetector is a website that offers the stats of servers for various games reported by players. 

You can determine whether servers are down through the graph that shows the downtime.

 The downtime in EA servers is speed up, according to EA players. Players have posted some discussions and comments under the graph that you can check to find possible fixes.

EA Help

EA Help is an EA Help support website that can update and help EA players with an ongoing problem with the EA game. 

There is a status of the server web page to PC, Nintendo, Xbox, and PlayStation users for each of the EA games. 

Visit the NHL 22’s website on EA assistance to find an answer to fix the problem.

There are advanced or straightforward steps to troubleshooting issues with EA aids to help resolve connectivity issues on servers.

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NHL 22 Forums

You can also search for solutions on the NHL 22 forums on their website, discussing all problems and updates on NHL 22.

 It is possible to post a question or issue and receive prompt responses to find a solution from the community manager.

Xbox as well as PlayStation Networks

If you’re engaged in NHL 22 on your Xbox or PlayStation, make sure to check the status of your Xbox’s status and PlayStation Network Status-Server. 

You can determine if their systems are not working by checking the status of their servers.

 If the issue persists, Xbox and PS networks are down; you’ll need to wait until they can fix the problem.

Social Media

The community posts many solutions to NHL 22 on Reddit or Twitter. Visit EA Help to see the latest tweets about issues or outages and receive a brief update.

All you need to know is about NHL 22 servers and how to find the servers.

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