How To Exchange Indane Old Cylinder with New Smart Cylinder

How To Exchange Indane Old Cylinder with New Smart Cylinder.

Indane Composite Cylinder, IndianOil’s latest LPG offering, has introduced a new cylinder to its customers. As per the latest news, the new cylinder is also fireproof. Many domestic users already reported that it’s easy to carry and perfect for the modern kitchen.

According to the IOCL website, the new composite cylinder is made of a blow-molded high-density polyethylene (HDPE) inner liner, covered with a polymer-wrapped fiberglass composite layer and fitted with an HDPE outer jacket.

The 10 kg variant is marketed only in the domestic unsubsidized category, while the 5 kg variant is available in the domestic unsubsidized category and as Free Trade LPG (FTL) through various point of sale options.

What are the advantages over existing steel cylinders?

  • They are lightweight – the tare weight of a composite cylinder is half its steel counterpart.
  • They have a translucent body that helps customers accurately check the LPG level against the light. This will help customers to plan their next recharge easily.
  • They are rust-free and do not corrode. This reduces the chances of leaving stains and marks on surfaces.
  • They are designed aesthetically, which makes them visually appealing and ideal for today’s modern kitchens.

What is a compound cylinder?

The composite cylinder is a three-layer cylinder consisting of a blow-molded HDPE inner liner, covered with a polymer-wrapped fiberglass composite layer and equipped with an HDPE outer jacket.

Composite LPG cylinders are made up of helically woven fibers combined with resin. Its characteristics mark an important transition towards a new generation technology that transfers interesting characteristics, among them being 100% recyclable and resistant to UV rays, to name a few.

Where is the Indane composite cylinder available?

Composite cylinders are currently available from select dealers in Delhi, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Faridabad, and Ludhiana in 5kg and 10kg sizes.

Is there a security deposit for the Indane composite cylinder?

Yes. The security deposit for the unsubsidized domestic category is Rs. 3350 for the 10kg variant and Rs. 2150 for the 5 kg variant.

How to replace the old cylinder with the new intelligent composite cylinder from Indane

According to the IOCL website, Indane customers can replace their existing steel cylinder with the composite cylinder by paying the difference in the security deposit.



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