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How to get Skull Rocker Bundle in Free Fire got Free?

Can you get a free Skull Rocker Bundle in Free Fire? The answer is yes, you can. But there is a way to obtain this Free Fire reward for free. Let’s discuss how to get it.

Free Fire comes with new events now and then to allow players the chance to win exciting ff rewardsIn addition to packs to loot boxes, these items in the game are available for free by completing tasks.

How to get Skull Rocker Bundle in Free Fire got Free?

To celebrate the launch of Free Fire Max, Garena has come up with another game where players exchange Free Fire Max Tokens to earn rewards. However, they released the brand new Battle Royale title on September 28, 2021.

New events are added in the Battle Royale game every day. Recently, several occasions have been shown to commemorate the launch of Free Fire MAX. 

The game allows you to earn rewards like the Skull Rocker Bundle in Free Fire and the McLaren Racing Loot Box.

The new event started today, on September 30 it will continue until October 11 in 2021 (4:00 AM IST). But the question is how to participate in the Free Fire event and get free rewards ff? 

Generally, players can exchange Max Tokens and get a Skull Rocker Bundle at no cost.

Follow these steps to participate in the event and get ff rewards free:

Step 1. The players must first start Free Fire and then click the Calendar icon.

Step 2. They must then hit Max Mission under Max the Fire.

Step 3. The players will need to utilize Max Tokens to claim the rewards:

  • Random Load Out Loot Crate – 1 Max Token
  • Lively Beast Weapon Loot Crate – 4 Max Tokens
  • Craftland Room Card to play 1 match (Players can make use of this to create their Craftland room) 4 Tokens Maximum
  • Skull Rocker Bundle – 15 Max Tokens

However, the Skull Rocker Bundle available in Free Fire is another extravagant costume that gamers can customize their persona’s appearance. Harry Potter fans will be thrilled to get this bundle because it is an absolute Slytherin-esque outfit.


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