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How to Hijack vehicles in Halo Infinite?

Hijack vehicles in Halo Infinite: From Halo 2, players can knock enemies from their vehicles and take the ride for themselves. This is the most fun part that a lot of players enjoy in the game.

This is the case for Halo Infinite, a game filled with air and ground vehicles waiting to be controlled. 

But there are plenty of risks that players need to be aware of when they decide to take the vehicle from someone’s possession. 

Here’s the complete guide to the possibility of hijacking a vehicle in Halo Infinite from an opponent.

How do you Hijack vehicles in Halo Infinite?

The theft procedure of a vehicle is similar to the method you use to access a car. However, it’s much more dangerous. 

Suppose you find yourself near an unoccupied vehicle. You typically would hold the X (on the control panel) to get into the vehicle. In that case, a prompt will be displayed asking you to have X take over this vehicle. 

If you were able to do this quickly enough when the vehicle was within range, the animation would begin to force the opponent out of their seat and then take over their place without difficulty.

To more powerful vehicles such as Wraiths and Scorpion Tanks, you don’t have to take the enemy off their vehicle right away. Instead, you will board the vehicle by holding onto the driver. 

After that, you’ll be able to remove it if you feel that you’re at risk or fight the driver until he dies, allowing you to get into the vehicle.

Strategies and risks

Although the kidnapping method appears straightforward, it is actually some danger. Therefore, it is necessary to utilize stealth, security, and the surroundings to gain an advantage over players. 

It may be necessary to make use of your head to move into the position of being just enough away to steal a vehicle and not lose your life. A straight run into a Warthog, Ghost, Chopper, Wraith, or Scorpion usually doesn’t work. 

They will simply tear you to pieces or destroy you. Instead, you can utilize equipment to boost your chances, such as an Overshield to get more excellent health or Active Camo to be invisible.

The most considerable risk is to get struck by a vehicle of an adversary when it is close. This is likely to occur a couple of times. Try to stay clear of the raises and get from the forest, making sure you can anticipate your adversaries’ moves. 

How to Stop an opponent from moving?

To stop an opponent from moving, it is possible to use EMP by first firing it several times using either the Disruptor or the Shock Rifle (it will take longer if you choose to use it with the Disruptor). 

When a blue aura, similar to light, is surrounded by the vehicle, you can quickly punch your adversaries before they vanish. However, be cautious: turrets and weapons are still functional when EMP is activated.

Hijack Air vehicle in Halo Infinite

If you’re looking to kidnap your enemy with Banshee or Wasp, there are several ways to accomplish this. 

It is possible to wait until an enemy is close enough to the ground and then do it in the traditional way or EMP the aircraft using the instructions in the earlier section.

But, if you’re unable to get it working or you’d like to test something else, Halo Infinite offers a convenient grappling hook that is ideal for hijacking. 

It is still necessary to wait for the plane to fly close to you, but once within range, shoot your grappling hook into the cabin

If you are successful, you’ll be able to fly into the plane, from which point you can board it and take over the plane. The same technique applies to vehicles that also land. 

It makes Halo Infinite one of the clearest Halo titles to take over.


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