Unlock Lost Valley Domain In Genshin Impact

Unlock Lost Valley Domain In Genshin Impact: This 2.6 version adds a brand-new Domain on top of the quests that are now available to complete and things to acquire.

If you’re wondering how to gain access to the brand new Domain within The Chasm, we’re here to assist. Here’s how to unlock The Lost valley Domain in Genshin Impact.

How to Solve Lost Valley Domain Puzzle in Genshin Impact

It’s a tricky one, even for those playing Teyvat for some time. We have a video down in the guide to allow you to learn the exact steps to follow if the steps do not seem to make sense.

The first thing you’ll need is a Geo character, preferably one that can create a Geo structure that doesn’t vanish quickly. I’ve employed Zhongli; however, Geo Traveler Geo Traveler is perfect.

If you’ve got the Geo character, Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Install a Geo construction close to the two torch posts, near the entry point to the Domain. Domain.
  2. It is vital to move to the next stage quickly so that the build remains active for the entire duration of the build.
  3. Then turn around and head for the glowing, blue rock.
  4. Jump while standing on the rocks to gain the lift to the air.
  5. Fly over to the massive stone, with its gold Geo energy flowing all around it.
  6. It’s the farthest stone, just a little to the left of the point where you leap.
  7. Make another technique called Geo when you are on the massive stone to make it active.
  8. The energy waves will flow through the ground before hitting the Geo structure you created in the first step, which will open the way towards The Lost Valley Domain.

A brief cutscene will be played when you’ve done everything right. A cave’s entrance will open back up where the torch is, and it will be possible to enter to discover The Lost valley Domain inside.

If it’s still difficult to determine how to solve this problem by looking at the images above, look up the brief clip from the whole sequence here.

It’s a little tricky, but here’s all you should be aware of finding Genshin Impact’s Lost Valley Domain within Genshin Impact.