How To Use Threat Sensor in Halo Infinite?

Threat Sensor in Halo Infinite: Halo Infinite’s campaign has been released and includes an arsenal of new and valuable tools. One of them is the Threat sensor, which allows players to view their opponents close to them through walls and rooms regardless of their invisible disguise.

 Threat Sensor is a valuable device that pinpoints precisely where your adversaries are before they know your location. This tool will be available before facing off against the second boss, Chak’Lok, during the game. 

Since Chak’Lok is using an invisible cloak to hide that is invisible, you must locate him with the help of this Threat Sensor. 

This is why we have put together a tutorial for how to master and use The Threat Sensor in Halo Infinite before facing the Chak’Lok.

How to use Threat Sensor in Halo Infinite

What is a Threat Sensor?

Threat sensors are a gadget that can stick wherever your throw it, even your enemies. Once it’s firmly attached, it will show the position of all enemies in the vicinity.

 It will be active for eight seconds, with a five-second cooldown, and is upgradeable using Spartan Cores. We can also read our tutorial on upgrading your equipment using Spartan Cores right here.

How do I utilize a Threat sensor to aid in Halo Infinite’s Campaign?

  • If you’re using the Xbox platform, use the RBR (right bumper) button on your controller to throw the Sensor of Threat. Sensor.
  • For PC players, use Q for a Threat Sensor.

Threat Sensor is essential when fighting the Chak’Lok. Chak’Lok will employ his invisible cloak to conceal his location to the point that you will be incapable of identifying the threat without a Threat Sensor. 

The secret to defeating him is switching between your arsenal of weapons and using a Threat Sensor to pinpoint his location before he causes damage to you.



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