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How to kill the Hunters of Halo Infinite?

Hunters of Halo Infinite: Hunters are an enemy in the game, and they may be more complex than other bosses from time to time.

 They’ll test your abilities because they sport sturdy armors that will not be intimidated even with the most potent weapons. 

However, they’re not impossible to defeat. If you know where to strike, you will eliminate them quickly. 

So, in this guide, we will examine the best way to defeat Hunters within Halo Infinite.

We’ll break this guide down into two sections—the weaknesses of hunters and the attack strategy.

How to kill the Hunters of Halo Infinite


  • The Back, an excellent area to focus on when fighting them, is their flesh, orange-colored. Try to get closer to the rear of Hunters to cut through their armor. After they are destroyed, they will expose their weakness, and that is the area you should focus your efforts in most cases.
  • Sides: Though not nearly as strong as the front, you look for openings on the sides of Hunters as well. You can cause quite a bit of damage.
  • You can also shoot for the glowing tubes to cause them some serious harm.

Attacking Strategy

  • Utilize Your Grappleshot and Thruster to put space between you and them. Then, try getting behind them. Once you’ve gotten behind them, inflict as much damage as you can.
  • Find the highest ground. Hunters can jump, but they can’t climb. You can utilize this technique for your benefit.
  • Examine the area you are fighting before thoroughly engaging. This will inform you of the locations you can provide protection and where your weapons are located.
  • The most effective weapons to use in this type of fight are The Skewer Shock Rifles and Bulldog. It will help if you prefer these over other weapons in the battle against Hunters.
  • One last suggestion that could be a little odd is taking two hunters simultaneously. 

After you have killed your first Hunter, the other becomes angered, which makes it stronger and more speedy and, consequently, more aggressive.

 If you attempt to do equally to each, getting the two out could be a bit more straightforward. 

It all depends on your playing style, and only attempt this technique if you think you’re able to manage them both.

This guide will give you a complete overview of killing hunters In Halo Infinite.


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