Liz Truss is ahead of Rishi Sunak for the UK's next Prime Minister

In a survey, Liz Truss is ahead of Rishi Sunak for the UK’s next Prime Minister

According to the most recent study by betting exchange company Smarkets, British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss is dominating the competition to succeed Boris Johnson as the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom by 90%. 

Smarkets estimates that Liz Truss has a 90.91 percent probability of succeeding Johnson as the next permanent member of the Conservative Party. 

But Rishi Sunak’s likelihood of succeeding Johnson as the future prime minister of the United Kingdom has decreased by 9.09 percent. 

The first 12 countrywide contests between the two competitors took place in Leeds, Northern England, where the members chose a new leader.

Surveys of Conservative members show that Truss is in the lead after promising urgent tax cuts as Britain deals with a decline in living standards. 

After Truss proposed immediate tax cuts, Sunak remarked in a speech, “In the face of problems, understand to get a handle on inflation and borrowing first.” He said the government had previously tried using a low corporate tax to encourage firms to invest, but it had failed.

His support dwindled as his party members began to suspect that Sunak had stabbed Boris Johnson in the back. 

Jacob Rees-Mogg, Nadine Dorries, and Boris Johnson are among the Tories. The latter support Truss and want her to assemble the government.

According to the most recent YouGov poll, on the other side, Tories Tom Tugendhat, Michael Gove, Sajid Javid, and Jeremy Hunt favor Sunak.

Notably, on Thursday in Leeds, in front of members of the conservative party, Truss and Sunak, who are competing for the position of UK Prime Minister, engaged in a discussion as part of their first formal grilling.

Former Chancellor Sunak struggled during the hustings because of his lifestyle and dishonesty against Prime Minister Boris Johnson. In contrast, Truss had a fantastic time since she had the most support for the position of Prime Minister.

Before that, the YouGov poll showed that Truss increased her advantage against Rishi Sunak by 24 points. 

After the two officially announced their summer campaign, a new YouGov survey of Tory members indicates that Truss has maintained her significant lead.