In the midst of the Taliban's Afghan offensive, the UN human rights head warns of violations.

The UN human rights chief, warned Tuesday that she had received credible reports of severe abuses in areas under Taliban control in Afghanistan. It includes summary executions of civilians and security forces who had laid down their arms and restrictions on women.

Michelle Bachelet urged the Human Rights Council to take bold and energetic steps to monitor the rights situation in Afghanistan.

Taliban leaders promised to restore security and tried to project an image of restraint. Still, many Afghans are skeptical and rush to leave the country, leading to chaos at Kabul’s international airport.

Amid scattered reports, it has been challenging to determine how widespread the abuses might be and whether they reflect Taliban leaders saying one thing and doing another or whether fighters on the ground are taking matters into their own hands.

Leaders of the Group of Seven nations plan to meet later Tuesday to discuss the growing refugee crisis and the collapse of the Afghan government amid discussions about whether the complete withdrawal of US troops could be extended beyond the end of the month. To allow more time to evacuate. Those desperate to leave.

US administration officials have declined to specify whether an extension is likely or even possible, as a Taliban spokesman warned that August 31 is a red line and that extending the US presence would provoke a backlash.