India denounces the destruction of a temple in Toronto

India denounces the destruction of a temple in Toronto: The most significant temple in Toronto vandalized on Tuesday night and spray-painted with anti-Khalistan graffiti. The Indian Government has publicly denounced this act of vandalism.

The next day, workers and volunteers at the Toronto BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir saw the defacement. Which took place in the early morning hours of Tuesday and Wednesday.

According to a senior Indian source, India’s High Commission in Ottawa has sent a formal complaint letter over the vandalism to Global Affairs Canada, the nation’s foreign ministry. The Mission has called for a quick inquiry into the incident and labeled it a “hate crime.”

The high commission of India in Ottawa said in a tweet on Wednesday night, “We strongly condemn the defacing of BAPS Swaminarayan Mandir Toronto with anti-India graffiti.”

They have asked Canadian authorities to investigate the event and act quickly against anybody responsible.

The authorities at the temple declined to comment on the event. They did, however, establish that the temple’s entrance had been vandalized and painted with the word “Khalistan Zindabad.” Additionally, the rear entry damage.

They said that police were notified when it finds on Wednesday morning and that they had visited the temple and conducted an investigation.

“After the graffiti found, volunteers erased it. Police are already doing their routine, according to a volunteer who wished to remain anonymous.

Instead, the attackers chose to focus on the doors that front busy streets. Since they could not enter the temple’s grounds.

There are similarities between this event and the July damage of a Mahatma Gandhi statue in Richmond Hill, GTA (GTA). The monument’s pedestal also had similar messages sprayed during a late-night intrusion.

Similar to the present situation, some pro-Pakistan accounts released a video of the occurrence on social media.

One of the city’s landmarks is the Swaminarayan Mandir in the Etobicoke neighborhood of Toronto. In July 2017, Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, paid a visit to celebrate the occasion.

Speaking to a group there at the time, he noted that this house of worship is one of the first things travelers see when they arrive at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport. the biggest airport in Canada.

He had claimed that the temple was created “in accordance with principles stated in ancient Hindu literature” and that it had been erected without steel. Its elaborate stone and wood carvings are undoubtedly one of Canada’s architectural treasures.