India Has Taken “Right Course” On Ukraine Conflict: S Jaishankar

S Jaishankar, the minister of external affairs, said on Tuesday that India has adopted the “correct route” concerning the situation in Ukraine and that the most pressing need is to stop hostilities from expanding to a point where they would only cause damage.

In New Delhi, Jaishankar said that since Russia began its military action in Ukraine in February, India has taken the “correct route.” He was speaking at an event for the book “[email protected]: Dreams Meet Delivery.”

The most essential matter, according to Mr. Jaishankar, is to stop hostilities from growing to a point where they would only do damage.

Mr. Jaishankar said that in his book, he compared the events in Ukraine and scenes from the Mahabharata. He encouraged them to adopt discussion and diplomacy and said India had taken all necessary steps to avert the conflict.

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“The more sage [and] sober voices need to speak when the global [citizen] is very strongly influenced by what is occurring in a war,” he added, adding that at the same time, India needs to take action to preserve its interests.

India successfully handled its interests, which were at risk when gasoline, food, and fertilizer shortages arose during the Ukraine crisis, according to the country’s minister of external affairs.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was previously hailed by the minister of external affairs, who said that he had encapsulated the thoughts and ambitions of the whole nation.

“The book’s majority was authored by non-government authors. He is a prime minister who has embodied the thoughts and goals of the whole nation. In this book, he is handled from the viewpoints of sport, business, and public life “declared the foreign minister.

“How do leaders emerge? Before PM Modi, this question perplexed serious political scholars in India. In 1947, names of national leaders were those that were remembered across states and regions “explained Mr. Jaishankar.

“The term “national leader” started to be heavily misused in the following decades during the height of the coalition period. It was a status that the Delhi media circulated to their friends and favorites. Since 2014,

PM Modi is the model for what it takes to be a national leader and what it entails, “Added he.

Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu released the book “[email protected] Dreams Meet Delivery” last month.

Narendra Modi is the subject of the anthology “Modi @ 20: Dreams Meeting Delivery.”