Indian Army gets American rifles and Swiss Pistom in Ladakh to respond to China

Indian Army gets American rifles and Swiss Pistom in Ladakh to respond to China.

India-China border tensions are increasing once again. Face-to-face talks at the negotiating table to defuse tensions on the border (LAC). Meetings are going on from time to time.

That said, the Indian Army does not want to have any qualms in preparing the soldiers. So the soldiers at Ladakh Forward Base were given sophisticated weapons to strengthen their hands.

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However, advanced American rifles and Swiss pistols have been handed over to soldiers assigned at the China border in Ladakh. Informed sources say that the type of rifle and pistol delivered to the forward base is very suitable for war in the hilly areas. Therefore, the military is saying that it is increasing its stockpile of these weapons.

With Swiss MP-9 pistol. According to ANI, the state-of-the-art American Sig Saver 617 rifle has been handed over to the Indian Army. The firing range of the rifles is about 500 meters, which is highly effective in resisting Chinese aggression.

According to sources, the defense ministry has insisted on buying sophisticated weapons for the Army since the situation in eastern Ladakh heated up. In addition, state-of-the-art Indian tanks and missile systems have reached the border areas.

At the same time, about 1.5 million American Sig Rider 617 rifles were ordered. It is worth mentioning that this rifle is very easy to use. Indian Army can operate double rifles in both hands.

The aim was to buy a Swiss pistol as an accomplice. The weapon has already reached the hands of the forces.

Meanwhile, the number of troops at the border has also increased. The Indian Army has evacuated 15,000 troops from Kashmir and deployed them in the Ladakh region.

Which has already made China’s chest tremble. The pressure on the Red Army increased with the acquisition of this sophisticated military force.


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