Industrialist Anand Mahindra Makes An Offer Amid ‘Agnipath’ Protests

Amid massive demonstrations against the centre’s new military recruiting system, ‘Agnipath,’ businessman Anand Mahindra has expressed his sadness over the violence, emphasizing that Agniveers’ discipline and talents will make them “eminently employable.”

Mr Mahindra has also said that his company would appreciate the chance to hire workers who have been trained under the initiative.

“The violence surrounding the #Agneepath program makes me sad. When the initiative was first proposed last year, I stated—and I repeat—that the discipline and abilities gained by Agniveers would make them highly employable. The Mahindra Group is delighted to have the chance to hire such well-trained and skilled young individuals, “Mr Mahindra sent out a tweet.

When a user questioned what jobs Agniveers would be hired for at Mahindra, the industrialist replied, “Agniveers have a lot of promise in the corporate sector.

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Agniveers deliver market-ready professional solutions to industry, encompassing the complete spectrum from operations to administration and supply chain management, via leadership, collaboration, and physical training.”

Massive demonstrations have erupted throughout the nation after the government unveiled a new plan in which young people aged 17.5 to 21 would be recruited for four years.

After four years, 75% of the trainees would be let off with a severance package of about 12 lakh but no pension benefits. The 25% of recruits that are kept will have a 15-year commitment.

While veterans have said that the four-year term makes troops more risk cautious, protestors have stated that they are unsure what to do after their term.

Agniveers would be given precedence in paramilitary forces and government posts, according to the centre.

Despite the complaints, the government has said there are no plans to reverse the policy.