Inter is hoping to have an unforgettable 2021

Inter is hoping to have an unforgettable 2021. 

Inter Milan will look to make a splash at this Italian highest flight’s playoffs before the break-in winter this week following a year to be remembered for Simone’s Serie A table-toppers.

Inter achieved the debut Scudetto for 11 seasons back in May and finished 12 points clear of their rivals AC Milan in second.

Things didn’t go well after losing key players from that title win in the final season, the head coach Antonio Conte, top goalscorer Romelu Lukaku and flying fullback Achraf Hakimi. 

The team was Inter having to catch up with the rest of the team until the latter part of the season.

They’ve found the high gear again but are now on top of the league with four more points. 

After their sixth consecutive league victory, Inter has named winter champions too, which came against Salernitana on Friday. 

But, unfortunately, they also suffered Milan’s defeat to Napoli on Sunday.

Friday’s 5-0 win brought Inter up to 100 goals within a calendar year, only the second time within their Serie A history, with Torino, their final opponent for 2021’s success on Wednesday.

In the eyes of their high standards, Juventus’s 2021 campaign has proved nothing less than disappointing.

In search of 10 consecutive league championships this season, the rookie manager Andrea Pirlo could only steer Juve to fourth place – an outcome that caused him to lose his job.

Massimiliano Allegri returned to save the day at the end of the season, taking over Turin. Massimiliano Allegri was appointed manager of the Turin team for the second time. 

But he’s done worse than his predecessor, as Juve is sitting in seventh place before Tuesday’s match against Cagliari.

Allegri is well aware of what he must accomplish to make things better.

“We have to win tomorrow and then see where we can get,” Allegri spoke at a press meeting on Monday. “On February 28, we’ll know if we are in the race for the top four. So there’s a lot of work to do over the next two months.”

Milan is looking like they could again be Inter’s top title contenders. However, Stefano Pioli’s unbeaten team during the first 12 league games this season has been struggling lately, having lost three of their six league matches.

Empoli will be Milan’s last opponent ahead of the winter break starts on Wednesday. However, they will not be an easy task, as they have already beaten Juve and Napoli this season.

Napoli’s win by 1-0 at Napoli’s 1-0 win at the San Siro on Sunday saw them rise above Milan to be second in goal difference. 

They were also unbeaten in their 12 league games before going down. However, a win against Spezia on Wednesday should keep them in the race for the title.

In fourth place, Atalanta’s 6 game Serie A winning streak was stopped with AS Roma on Sunday. It means they can’t afford any additional points dropped at Genoa on Tuesday if they want to keep Inter on their radar.