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ISKCON Temple Attacked and Devotee Killed in Bangladesh: Delhi sees movement to create trouble

ISKCON Temple Attacked and Devotee Killed in Bangladesh: Delhi sees movement to create trouble.

An ISKCON temple in Bangladesh was vandalized and a devotee killed by a mob – this was the fifth death since Thursday – and there seemed to be a growing understanding in New Delhi that a “coordinated” and “orchestrated” movement was at work to stimulate the community tensions in “multiple locations” there.

South Block is concerned about the series of incidents that the Bangladeshi authorities are unable to prevent or control despite the heavy deployment of paramilitary forces in more than half of the country’s administrative districts.

The attack on the ISKCON temple in Noakhali shocked the Hindu community there, sparking protests in the streets. The sources said that the possible involvement of Islamic extremist groups in Bangladesh trying to stir up trouble and cause communal conflict between the two communities is being investigated.

ISKCON authorities tweeted about the incident, posting photos of the vandalism: “Temple and ISKCON devotees violently attacked in Noakhali, Bangladesh. The temple suffered major damage and a devotee’s condition remains critical. ”

Later on Saturday, it read: “Partha Das, an enthusiastic devotee, was brutally murdered yesterday by a mob of more than 200 people. His body was found in a pond next to the temple. ”

“We call on the government of Bangladesh to ensure the safety of all Hindus and bring the perpetrators to justice,” said ISKCON.

Bangladeshi authorities have imposed a nationwide security vigil, while officials said initial investigations have yielded crucial evidence against perpetrators of violence against Durga Puja celebrations by the Hindu minority community.

The Bangladesh paramilitary Border Guard (BGB) has expanded its vigil to 34 of the country’s 64 administrative districts.

The elite Rapid Action Crime Battalion (RAB) said it hopes to arrest some of the main perpetrators of the violence that took place in the past three days.

Interior Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal told reporters: “We expect developments in the investigations in the next one or two days.”

RAB Colonel KM Azad said: “The violence appeared to be part of a plot against interfaith harmony and the perpetrators were also involved in identical incidents in the past.”

“We are preparing to take strict legal action and arrest some of them very soon,” he said.

What is worrying is that the incidents of violence occurred hours after Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina issued a stern warning on Thursday following the attacks on Hindu temples and Durga Puja locals in Comilla.

“No one will be saved. It doesn’t matter what religion they belong to. They will be persecuted and punished, ”he said.

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