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Israel is facing the fifth COVID-19 wave due to Omicron

Israel is facing the fifth COVID-19 wave due to Omicron. 

Jerusalem: Israel is currently in the middle of a fifth COVID-19 virus because of the Omicron variant. Prime Minister Naftali Bennett declared on Sunday, urging people to get their vaccinations up and running and take precautions like working at home.

In a broadcast address, Bennett said Israel had purchased some time by speeding up to reduce travel time when Omicron was first discovered in October. 

But the symptoms were now diminishing. Nevertheless, Bennett predicted an increase in illness within a couple of weeks.

A few days earlier, a Health Ministry advisory committee recommended that Israel include the United States as a “red” country. 

Its citizens are not allowed to fly without a special permit. However, Bennett did not mention this in his remarks.

The Health Ministry said that Israel has recorded an estimated 134 confirmed Omicron cases and 307 suspected cases. Of those, 167 were symptoms-related, according to the report.

In a swift first reaction to Omicron, the virus, first discovered in the southern part of Africa in southern Africa and Hong Kong, Israel banned the entry of foreigners in November. 25. 

It also imposed a three to 14-day order of quarantine to Israelis returning from overseas.

However, Bennett has also been the subject of public criticism due to his children and his wife’s recent holiday abroad after he advised Israelis to stay clear of such trips.



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