Israel reports the 1st death due to the Omicron COVID variant

Israel reports the 1st death due to the Omicron COVID variant. 

Jerusalem: Israeli health officials have reported the possibility of the country’s first fatality from the omicron version of the coronavirus.

Soroka Hospital, located in the city’s southern part of Beersheba, reported that the man was in his 60s and passed away on Monday, just two weeks after being admitted to the hospital. 

It stated that the man had been suffering from health issues before his death but didn’t provide further details.

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Israel has severely restricted air travel within both directions. In addition, it is looking into various restrictions on public access to stop spreading the extremely infectious variant.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett told reporters that the prime minister is in the process of waiting “impatiently” for approval from health authorities to allow the fourth booster shot for seniors and those who suffer from a severe illness.

Israel was among the first nations to mass vaccinations in the early part of this year. It also became the first country to provide booster vaccines throughout the summer. 

Israel has 9.3 million inhabitants has recorded more than 8,200 deaths due to COVID-19.



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