Jake Paul Net Worth

What is  Jake Paul Net Worth?  Jake Paul’s net worth will be around $30 Million in 2022. 

Jake Paul is a YouTuber and social media entrepreneur from the United States. He first gained notoriety with his brother Logan on Vine’s social media app.

However, he is growing her wealth very fast.

Jake Paul Net Worth

Net Worth $30 Million
Gender Male
Date of birth January 17, 1997
Place of birth United States of America
Nationality American
Source of Wealth YouTuber/Social Media Personality


Who is  Jake Paul?

An American celebrity, YouTuber, and social media entrepreneur named Jake Paul. On Vine’s social media site, he first became well-known with his brother Logan.

Although Vine has since been discontinued, Jake amassed millions of fans there, who he then exploited to launch his YouTube channel.

Let’s look at Jake Paul’s life and how he achieved such an early, outstanding salary.

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Early Life

On January 17, 1997, Jake Paul was born in Cleveland, Ohio. He was raised in Westlake with his family, and his elder brother Logan is also a successful social media entrepreneur.

Greg, Jake’s father, is a real estate broker, and Pam, Jake’s mother, is a nurse. Logan, his younger brother, started making films at a very early age and was having some success.

By the time Logan started working full-time in social media, Jake had also seen the possibility and started making his videos.


When Jake was 16 years old in September 2013, he started making videos for Vine. Jake had gained over 5.1 million app followers when the site shut its doors, and his videos had astonishingly received 2 billion plays!

Then he concentrated on YouTube, where he started a Vlog channel that has amassed over 20 million followers and 6.6 billion views to this day.

He now owns a marketing firm called Team 10 and dabbled in acting, landing a recurring role in Disney’s Bizaardvark.

Additionally, Gary Vaynerchuk invested in his firm, and he has been featured in interviews with many TV programs and news organizations.

How did  Jake Paul make his money?

Jake received a $2 million paycheck from MMA Junkie for the match. The YouTuber has shown confidence in his ability to defeat Tyron since the event was publicized.

Woodley earned $2 million for the fight, just as Jake did. In contrast, a new provision was inserted into his contract that specified he would get $500,000 extra if he defeated Jake.

Paul has fought professionally five times so far. In January of last year, he defeated British YouTuber AnEsonGib in his debut match, winning almost $1 million.

Fans are unsure how far Jake Paul can go in the fight game after learning that he has a 5-0 professional boxing record.

social media success

With an estimated yearly salary of 10 to 20 million dollars, the 24-year-old is one of the highest-paid YouTube stars. He also established Team 10, his marketing firm.

In 2013, he started a career in videos after being employed by the Disney channel. However, after two seasons, the corporation dismissed him, and he turned his attention to building his YouTube channel.

Paul now has more than seven billion views and 20.4 million subscribers.

Jake Paul Girlfriend

Jake Paul, a popular YouTuber, has had several girlfriends over the years, including a sort-of wife, but he has said that the woman he is seeing right now is the one to whom he would want to pop the question.

Here is everything we know about Julia Rose, a lady Jake Paul has seen on and off since 2020.

What is  Jake Paul Net Worth in 2022?

As of July 2022, Jake Paul’s net worth is $30 Million.

Jake Paul Phone Number

Unfortunately, he did not share his phone number with the public. However, he is very active on social media platforms. So you can contact him through social media and become his friend.

Social Profile

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/jakepaul/?hl=en