Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley 2: The Problem Child KOs former UFC star

Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley 2: The Problem Child KOs former UFC star.

A professional boxer who is now 5-0, Jake Paul continues to make headlines in the boxing world after a second straight win against the former UFC champion Tyron Woodley.

Many people know that Paul was originally slated to take on Tommy Fury; however, due to a chest infection caused by bacteria and fractured ribs and ribs, the Love Island star was forced to pull out.

With Woodley given a second chance to get Paul off the high, the professional boxer missed his opportunity to win. It must live with the reality that he’s had to endure two losses against an ex- Disney Channel personality.

It’s not a secret that Paul has improved in every one of the five pro bouts, and this Cleveland native has certainly achieved his assertion that he was one of a “different fighter.”

“Everything, A to Z. The training I did, how much I trained on your strength, conditioning as well as my diet and sleep habits, my recovery. Everything. I worked hard to improve, and now it’s paying back,” Paul told USA TODAY Sports.

“I learned in my initial fight that you must stay focused and adhere to the strategy. This is fighting which means you’re likely to be targeted. After going through it, I’ve got much more confidence to go into the fight. Tyron was the first one who ever attacked me, and it was a fantastic lesson.”

While the next step he will make in boxing remains a mystery, Paul has publicly come out and stated that he’s looking to enter the ins and outs of MMA.

Paul stated to ESPN journalist Marc Raimondi, “I don’t believe that if I could do boxing at this top of a level that I shouldn’t be able to be able to MMA at this level.”