Jodhpur Communal Clashes: Over 50 Arrested Following Violence, Curfew Imposed

On Tuesday, just before Eid, tensions rose in Ashok Gehlot’s hometown of Jodhpur. The authorities shut down mobile internet and put a curfew in 10 areas of the city. Minister of State for Home Rajendra Yadav says that 50 people have been arrested so far in connection with the incident and that more people will be arrested.

Several others were detained during the night as well.

The chief minister has asked people to keep peace and harmony. He also said that the BJP’s central leadership tried to make the state government look bad.

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The Jodhpur deputy commissioner of police also ordered a curfew until midnight on May 4 and a ban on mobile internet service. Some people were angry that Islamic flags were being put up on the Jalori gate circle past midnight. Stones hit five police officers.

The situation calmed down in the early hours of Tuesday with the help of a lot of police, but tensions rose again in the morning after Eid prayers at a mosque.

Stones were thrown at shops, cars, and homes near the entrance to Jalori.

Members of a minority group were putting up Eid flags. They put up a flag on a roundabout next to a statue of a freedom fighter called Balmukund Bissa.

The other community members said that a saffron flag, which they had put up there before Parshuram Jayanti, had been taken down. This caused a fight.

Officials say that stone-throwing and fights broke out because of the problem.

Several police officers were hurt when they tried to stop a fight that broke out, the police control room said.

Police had to shoot tear gas at the crowd to break them up.

Officials said that cellular internet service was turned off in the area to stop the spread of false stories.

Tweets from Mr Gehlot asked people to keep their peace and called the incident unfortunate, and he asked people to keep their calm.

People in Jodhpur, Marwar, have a long history of being good to each other, and I want to make a heartfelt plea to everyone to keep the peace. I want everyone to work together to get law and order back.

She said that politicians from all parties should make sure their workers kept their peace and that they all stayed together.

Besides that, Mr Gehlot also led a high-level meeting at the Chief Minister’s office to look at the situation. By helicopter, he asked two ministers and two officers to go to the city of Jodhpur.

The CM told officials to take intense action against the people who did it.

The CM told officials that no matter what religion, caste, or class a person is, they should not be let off the hook.

Later, he told news channels that the BJP had a plan to make him look bad and that it was their goal.

“In their job, they try to start Hindu-Muslim riots. How long can you do politics to make people more polarized for so long? This country is made up of people from different religions and castes, and Prime Minister Modi and the rest of the government need to know this, too. “He said that.

However, the BJP was angry with the state government because of law and order.

Union minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat said that the police are under stress.

As a result, Mr Shekhawat said that he and other party leaders could go on hunger strike at the Jalori gate circle. If they aren’t arrested, he said.

“One man was stabbed and is in the hospital, where he is having a hard time living. The people who did this also made fun of women and broke a young girl’s leg. In the Sunaro Ka Baas area, they tried to break down a temple, “he said.

Suryakanta Vyas, a BJP MLA in Jodhpur, didn’t like the idea of putting an Eid flag next to the statue of a freedom fighter.

Before the accident happened last night, she had already been to where the accident occurred.

“At the statue of Bissa Ji, they put up the flag. We don’t like this. We won’t forget this, “Vyas said.

It’s terrible when people put an Islamic flag on the statue of a freedom fighter and take down the saffron flags they put up on Parshuram Jayanti. BJP state president Satish Poonia said that. He asked people to keep the peace, and he asked the state government to set up the “rule of law.”

“Last night, a saffron flag was replaced with an Islamic flag at the statue of Bissaji. There was some damage today. It is clear from the case of Karauli that these kinds of things happen with the help of the state government. “Poonia said this on video, but you can also read it in this text.

He said that the attacks on the majority community are horrifying.

Vasundhara Raje, a former CM, and other BJP leaders also said terrible things about the state government.

During the evening, ministers Rajendra Yadav and Subhash Garg and their aides went to see the area where there had been a lot of violence. They also went to the hospital.

He told reporters at a press conference that more than 50 people have been arrested and that efforts are being made to find more people.

He said three people are getting treatment in the hospital, and 12-15 others were released after the first treatment.

According to Mr Yadav, government officials have been sent to areas where curfews have been put in place to ensure that people don’t have any trouble.

“We will have a meeting with officials to talk about everything. It will happen if any officer hasn’t told the government what they need to know, “He said.

Some local journalists who were hurt in stone-pelting and lathi charges also talked about their experiences.

Mr Yadav said that every aspect of the incident would be looked at, and no one would be let off the hook. Their stay in Jodhpur will be for two days.