Kazakhstan unrest:Troops ordered to fire without notice

Kazakhstan’s president is authoritarian and says he’s order the security forces to “fire without warning” during a brutal arrest of protesters.

President Kassym-Jomart tokayev added that “20,000 bandits” were attacking the city’s main area of Almaty. 

The city is at the heart of the protests provoke by increased fuel prices.

He has accuse foreign-train “terrorists” without providing any evidence.

According to the interior ministry says 26 “arm criminals” and 18 security personnel have been killed during the unrest.

In a broadcast address In a live broadcast, president Tokayev denied calls to hold conversations with demonstrators as 

“nonsense” in a statement that read: “What kind of talks could we have with murderers and criminals?”

“We had to contend with well-armed and well-equipped bandits from the local area as in addition to foreign. 

In particular, we had to deal with terrorists. 

We must eliminate the terrorists, and this will happen in the near shortly.

Opposition groups have resisted the government’s claims of terrorist acts.

The president state that the constitutional order was restored mainly in the past. 

A BBC reporter in Almaty said that the calmer atmosphere had returned following days of violence though there was the sound of explosions and gunfire.

Kazakhstan The basics

Which country is this? Kazakhstan shares borders with Russia to the north and China to the east. 

It is a massive country that is the size of Western Europe.

What is the significance of HTML0? A former Soviet republic, primarily Muslim with a significant Russian minority, is home to immense mineral resources, comprising 33% of global oil reserves and many gases and coal industries.

Why is it in media headlines? Fuel riots that have exploded into widespread protests against the government have led to resignations from the top and an arm crackdown on protesters.

President Tokayev state that peacekeeping forces from Russia and other states are sent to his country on request and temporarily present to guarantee security.

The Russian-led force of the Collective Security Treaty Organisation (CSTO) is says to have a total of 2500 soldiers.

 Mr. Tokayev expressed “special appreciation” to Russian President Vladimir Putin for sending troops to the former Soviet nation.

Internet connectivity has been restore in certain regions. Kazakh officials and CSTO troops occupied Almaty’s main airport one day following the airport’s reclaimed from demonstrators.

The European Commission, the EU executive, has offered “assistance whenever we are able” to assist Kazakhstan to solve the situation. 

The Commission also demanded an end to violence, echoing earlier declarations made by the UN, US, UK, and France.

The unrest started on Sunday when the price of the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) that most people in Kazakhstan make use of to power their cars nearly double.

The government has announce that the fuel price caps will be reinstate for six months. 

The announcement, however, has fail to end the protests that have get larger to encompass other grievances with the political system.

Kazakhstan is frequently call an authoritarian state, and votes are win by the major party that has almost 100% of the votes. There isn’t strong opposition to the government.


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