Kejriwal Accusations Put Amit Shah

A few days before the Punjab elections, two of its vital prominent players – Congress’s Chief Minster Charanjit Singh Channi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah of the BJP are exchanging letters regarding another — Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal, who is part of his Aam Aadmi Party.

Responding to an appeal by Mr. Channi based on allegations of Arvind Kejriwal being a separatist-sympathizer recently floated by a former AAP leader, poet Kumar Vishwas, Amit Shah has written back that the charges will be investigated, “seriously.”

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HOWEVER, the AAP chief has claimed that he sees mutual affection between the two adversaries as nothing more than a “comedy.”

“I have learned the central government called up Mr. Channi to write the letter last evening and demand an investigation. Over the next two days, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) will register an FIR against me,” Arvind Kejriwal told reporters.

“I welcome all FIRs. But if this is how the central government deals with the country’s security, then I am quite worried about it… they have made national security a comedy. No agency found anything on me even after all these raids, and one day the PM realizes what a huge risk I am after a poet reads out a poem,” the PM said.

“All the corrupt have united. They have come together because they are scared of me. They can’t sleep peacefully because of me… So yes, I am a terrorist for them. One hundred years ago, they called Bhagat Singh a terrorist, and today, they are calling me, a disciple of Bhagat Singh, a terrorist,” Mr. Kejriwal stated.

” I must be the sweetest terrorist around who builds the hospitals, schools, and clinics for the poor who need them and sponsors pilgrimage trips for those who have a disability. I’m sure no one has seen anyone like me and who has made roads and fixes water issues offers free electricity and helps people solve their problems,” he added.

The possibility that this Delhi Chief Minister might soon be the subject of an investigation for terrorism was confirmed by the Union home minister Amit Shah last Friday night in his assurance to Charanjit Singh Channi the state had been investigating claims that the AAP being supported by the banned groups of separatists called Sikhs for Justice or SFJ.

“I want to assure you that no one will be allowed to play with the unity and integrity of the country. The government of India has taken the matter very seriously, and I will look into the matter deeply,” Mr. Shah wrote.

He added that a political group with relations with and receiving the support of a terrorist organization and a banned group is a grave issue for the integrity and unity of the nation.

Similar to one of PM Modi’s election speeches in Punjab, The Punjabi PM Shah stated that the goals of these groups aren’t different from the plans of our adversaries.

“This is highly condemnable that to grab power, such people go to the extent of joining hands with the separatists and also go to the limits of breaking Punjab and the country,” the minister declared.

Mr. Channi wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, claiming that he’d received a letter from the SFJ which indicated that the group is always in contact in constant contact with AAP.

The group had offered its support to AAP in the elections of 2017 and is now doing so; the claim was made by citing the letter.

“These allegations also deserved to be probed comprehensively and necessary action taken accordingly. I hope you would consider this and take appropriate necessary action immediately, keeping in view the seriousness of the matter involved as Punjab has already suffered heavily due to these separatist forces,” the Congress leader had said.


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