Krishna Kalyani All Set To Become PAC Chairman In West Bengal Assembly

West Bengal Assembly member from Raiganj, Krishna Kalyani, will serve as head of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC). The assembly’s speaker will formally reveal his name in a few days.

On a BJP ticket, he won the Bidhan Sabha elections in 2021. But once the election results were published, Mukul Roy rejoined the Trinamool. In addition, Mukul Roy, an MLA for Krishnanagar North, was nominated by the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly to serve as Chairman of the PAC.

After that, BJP MLA Ambika Roy filed a complaint in the high court over the PAC dispute and the mass resignations of all the assembly committees. Even the Supreme Court received a petition for the matter.

However, Speaker of the Assembly Biman Banerjee remained steadfast in his choice. Even Mukul Roy’s attempt to have his MLA position terminated after he refused 12 assembly hearings.

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He said, “The anticipated evidence was unable to be produced by the petitioner. Mukul Roy is a BJP member.” Due to his poor health, Mukul resigned as PAC chairman on Monday.

Who will serve as the PAC’s chairman? According to sources, the assemblyman from Raiganj, Krishna Kalyani, met the speaker. He has been invited to succeed the outgoing PAC chairman.

In a few days, the name will be formally revealed. Krishna Kalyani was chosen as a Raiganj MLA in the 2021 elections on a BJP ticket.