Laura Be Saved From The Quarry

Laura Be Saved From The Quarry: In a game like The Quarry, your choices may make or break you, whether they’re conversation options or acts that affect the plot. With that much weight attached to so many of your decisions, you’re sure to make a mistake now and again and cause something horrible to happen.

If you don’t want that to happen to Laura, and you’re wondering how you can help her survive the night at The Quarry, here’s what you’ll need to do.

How Can Laura Save From The Quarry?

Laura will be prominently featured in the Prologue. None of the choices made there, however, will have a direct impact on her health. So instead, we’ll meet up with her at The Quarry later.

7th Chapter


The most important thing to remember while we’re being held captive by Travis is that we don’t want to enrage the cop. So choose to be pleasant and go along with whatever Travis says for all conversation choices.

When you’ve given control, look for the sedative syringe in the office on the third level. Return to your cell, use the spoon to pry open the loose block adjacent to the bed, and conceal the syringe.

To sedate Travis for a non-violent escape, go to sleep and prepare yourself for some QTEs.

Laura Be Saved From The Quarry

9th Chapter


Laura and Constance will have a fight when the Hacketts find out about them. To keep Laura safe, mash the button and shoot her in the head, then opt to fire the pistol again, but don’t take the knife out as Ryan.

When confronted by Jediah Hackett, you have the option of attacking or hiding. If you succeed, Laura will be safe.

Ryan and Laura will eventually discover the creature in the attic before smashing it through the floor. Then, to break Laura’s curse, opt to shoot the animal-like Ryan.

10th Chapter


As Ryan, Laura, and Travis prepare for their last mission, you may save Laura by opting to terminate Silas’ life.

Silas Quarries

The lovers may reconcile and go out of Hackett’s Quarry now that the curse has removed and, hopefully, Max is safe on the island. It may not be simple, but now that you know how to rescue Laura in The Quarry, killing all of the counselors could be more enjoyable.

Make your decision, or rely on the wisdom of the Tarot cards for assistance. Nonetheless, keep an eye on News Gater for more gaming news, or scroll down to see what else is happening with The Quarry.