Lionel Messi is finally settling in at PSG

Lionel Messi is finally settling in at PSG in the physical league:

Lionel Messi now needs to take his European performance through his first game in the French game this Saturday.

Lionel Messi is looking like his former self.

After a slow adjustment to the new team and league after a slow start, the Argentina legend finally put on an impressive performance in the Paris Saint-Germain shirt this week.

A month after he quit Barcelona for a contract for two years at PSG, the French side, Messi not only scored two goals in the win of 4-1 against Club Brugge in the Champions League He also played a role in shaping the game of PSG through his dribbling ability as well as his acceleration and precise setups.

For a long time, Messi’s performances in the past with PSG have left him with a feeling of not being finished with business. Messi had failed to make an impression despite a brilliant attack at Manchester City in September and three assists during a match against Saint-Etienne.

His steady performance against Belgian champions demonstrated that the 34-year-old Argentine is still among the best. He also showed the enormous influence of Messi’s partnership with Kylian Mbappe. 

With the absence of the injured Neymar, The pair’s chemistry on the field was almost telepathic, and both scored two times in the game, with Mbappe assisting Messi in scoring his first goal.

Mbappe made it his 29th as well as 30th Champions League goals. At the age of 22 and 352 days old, he became one of the few players to achieve this landmark in the tournament’s history. Messi was only 23 when he hit the mark.

“It’s easy to play alongside Lionel Messi; he’s the most talented player on earth,” Mbappe said. “He has won the Ballon d’Or a few days in the past, scoring two goals … He’s pleased, and I am sure we can count on him shortly.”

In the meantime, Mbappe wants to help Messi also. So make sure that he’s top of his game in next year’s Champions League returns next year with knockout rounds.

Instead of scoring a hat-trick in the match against Brugge, Mbappe let Messi score the penalty that secured the victory, as Mbappe was looking to increase his teammate’s confidence.

“We’re going to require Mbappe throughout the season, and I’m certain he’ll be able to help us in the big games,” Mbappe told RMC Sport. “He’ll be able to give back the support to us as well. It’s great to have him finish with two goals. It’s beneficial for us in the future.”

Messi must now take his European performance to this weekend’s French soccer match this coming weekend.

In a physical game known for its defensive power, the diminutive player has been struggling to find his groove. 

Before Sunday’s game against Monaco, the player scored only one goal in his nine games. However, it’s a small amount compared to the 30 goals during the Spanish league the previous season.