Locations of every Mokoko seed on Phantomwing Island

Locations of every Mokoko seed on Phantomwing Island: Most of the dungeons and locations in Lost Ark must be explored to collect all of the Mokoko Seeds. Phantomwing Island in the Punika area is where four of these Mokoko Seeds are located; getting to them all will need some back-and-forth running.

Here is all you need to know to get all four Mokoko Seeds on Phantomwing Island if you’re having problems locating them.

Locations of every Mokoko seed on Phantomwing Island

In Lost Ark, you must go up to Point 1, shown on the map above, as soon as you arrive on Phantomwing Island. Then, go to the wooden pier on the outcrop’s eastern side to find this Mokoko Seed, concealed in the undergrowth along the planks.

You must next go to Point 2 on the map. The entrance to an underground cave may be found here. Once you reach Point 3 on the map, continue down the cavern’s southern edge.

You may exit the map by walking through this opening in the wall. Through this recently discovered section, go south. On the western side of this secret tunnel, on Phantomwing Island, lies the second Mokoko Seed. The third is along the cavern’s southern rim.

Once you’ve located these two Mokoko Seeds, leave this subterranean chamber and go to Point 4 in the north. In Phantomwing Island, close to the north of some purple grass, you’ll see the last Mokoko Seed.

You are now free to leave to complete any objectives in the area or leave the site to search for more Mokoko Seeds.

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