Make and use beacons in Minecraft

Make and use beacons in Minecraft: If you ever get lost in Minecraft, finding your way back home might challenging. You will have to depend on a bit of luck or perish and respawn at your base if you don’t have a map or compass.

Fortunately, you can construct a beacon that will point you in the right direction by projecting light into the air. Additionally, depending on your block condition, you will get some lovely extra status benefits.

Here’s how to make and activate a Beacon in Minecraft.

How to make a beacon

To create the Beacon block in Minecraft. You must first collect five Glass blocks, three Obsidian blocks, and a Nether Star. Sand may heated in a furnace to generate glass.

Obsidian must mine with at least a Diamond Pickaxe when water contacts a lava source block. The object that will be the most challenging to get is the Nether Star.

Only The Wither, a boss monster that can only summon by laying three Wither Skulls atop four pieces of Soul Sand, may drop it.

When you have all the components, the crafting formula is three Obsidian down the bottom, one Nether Star in the middle, and glass in the other slots.

How to turn on and illuminate the Beacon

You must assemble blocks of iron, emerald, gold, diamond, or nephrite and build a pyramid to light the Beacon. You can mix and match materials if you don’t have enough to make blocks out of just one sort.

The size of the pyramid you build between one and four layers will determine how many status effects you get from the Beacon. The number of blocks required to make each tier and the boost you get list below:

  • One through nine blocks, Haste or Speed
  • Two – 34 blocks, Resistance, or Jump Boost
  • Three – 83 blocks, Strength
  • Blocks 4 through 164, Regeneration

After building your pyramid, center the Beacon in the top layer to cause the light to shoot into the air. Then, by inserting a Netherite, Diamond, Emerald, Gold, or Iron piece into the slot on the Beacon block, you may modify the status enhancements you get and activate them.