Man Bites A Police Dog Then Stabs With A Knife in California

Man Bites A Police Dog Then Stabs With A Knife in California. 

Something unusual happened in California, United States of America. The unusual occurrence went viral as soon as it was revealed. 

Finally, the police arrive to apprehend the alleged robber.

There was an incident where the accused bit a police dog. Not only that, but he also used a knife to attack the dog. 

After this event, the court, the dog, was sent to the veterinarian’s hospital. 

There, the doctor kept the dog under watch. As a result, the police dog is gradually recovering from his ordeal.

The incident was reported on Facebook by Northern California police. An elderly guy had previously reported a robbery. 

On the phone, he claimed that miscreants had broken into his home. 

An Amazon employee was contacted shortly after to report that a robber had threatened to kill him. In addition, his goods were stolen from a truck.

After then, the police began searching for the accused. Then, other people started running near the older man’s house, claiming to be drug addicts

The police began attempting to apprehend him. However, because they could not flee, the cops abandoned their trained dogs. 

In a short time, he took the accused to the bag and then bit the accused dog. He also used a knife a couple of times after that. 

He did not release the accused despite the dog being gravely damaged. He was also taken to the hospital in a critical state.

This horrible incident occurred in Fairfield, Connecticut. The distance between San Francisco and this location is 60 kilometers. 

The accused has been charged with assault on a dog, looting, and giving away government positions, among other things. The defendant is 44 years old.