Many U.S. Apple Stores Workers Steps to Unionize

Many U.S. Apple Stores Workers Steps to Unionize. 

Employees at many Apple stores around the country have formed unions to fight for greater wages and benefits.

On Wednesday, retail employees at an Apple Store in Atlanta became the first Apple employees to file a petition with the National Labor Relations Board to hold a union election.

According to Communications Workers of America, which would represent the workers if they voted to unionize, at least 70% of the store’s 107 employees have signed union authorization cards.

Employees at Apple’s retail store in New York City’s Grand Central Terminal said last week that they are gathering signatures to unionize and urge their company for better working conditions.

“Employees say they are paid little and work in a high-stress atmosphere exposed to COVID-19 and other obstacles,” CBS News tech correspondent Dan Patterson stated.

Employees at Apple’s Grand Central Terminal location request a $30 minimum pay and improved benefits. 

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According to an Apple spokesman, retail shop employees currently receive a minimum of $20 per hour.

Apple salesmen, according to Patterson, “want to advance in the same or very comparable ways as executives or people who work in Apple headquarters.” 

“They claim that they are frequently treated as second-class citizens despite their hard labor.”

One Apple store might be the catalyst for a whole slew of others.

A vote may influence employees at other Apple stores to favor unionization at one location.

According to Patterson, employees at least three other Apple stores are considering similar actions.

“This is part of a bigger trend that includes technology stores and firms like Starbucks and Amazon — all of which have unionized warehouse employees in the last few months,” Patterson said.

Employees at Apple may be inspired to do the same thing at other organizations.

“You have to believe that this decision has the potential to enable not only other Apple stores to unionize. But other tech and retail outlets as well,” Patterson said.

Since February, Apple employees at the company’s Grand Central Terminal store have started signing union authorization cards.

Patterson stated, “It’s quite advanced at this stage.” “Some people believe it’s very likely they’ll vote to unionize.”


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