Many U.S. soldiers were killed in bombings at Kabul Airport

Many U.S. soldiers were killed in bombings at Kabul Airport. 

In the United States, “numbers of U.S. military personnel were killed.” Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby spoke out about Thursday’s terror attack on Kabul‘s airport.

“Some other people are also being considered,” Kirby stated that the wounds were being treated. “We also know that many Afghans are being treated for wounds,” Kirby said. 

However, this heinous attack left many victims. The Pentagon did not confirm the exact number of those killed or the branch of their service. 

The last U.S. military combat death occurred on Thursday. Afghanistan was declared a state in February 2020.

Taliban strongly condemns bombing and says the U.S. was responsible for security.

The Taliban government in Afghanistan It “strongly condemned” the attack on the Kabul airport. The attack took place in an area that the U.S. is responsible. 

It was thought that the ISIS-K terrorist group, which is an enemy to the Taliban, orchestrated the attack.



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