Marine Serre defies Paris Fashion Week norms

Marine Serre defies Paris Fashion Week norms: On Saturday night, the all-ages, free-to-the-public fashion show for the French brand Marine Serre included athletes and creatives strolling a track field runway to display a sport-inspired wardrobe filled with artistic allusions.

Delegations followed one another, much like the opening ceremonies of the Olympics.

A group of male and female models appeared first, dressed in recycled-fiber swimwear. That complemented their contours and molded to their bodies.

Then a line of sharply patched, repurposed denim shapes appeared. Finally, various pink items added color, including a twinset like Chanel but made of towel material.

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The 25-year-old Lourdes Leon, the eldest child of Madonna, danced around the playing field while decked out in gilded jewelry and a catsuit with a crescent moon motif.

While French actor Joey Starr, 54, strolled by in leather trousers and a zip-up jacket with a jewel design, ex-Liverpool striker Djibril Cissé, 40, was sporting a flowery shirt and short shorts.

In addition to the typical attendees from the fashion business. Such as clients, journalists, and influencers, 900 tickets distribute online with first-come, first-served reservations.

In a matter of seconds, all tickets were gone.

In show notes sent to the media, the label said, “It is essential for Marine Serre to be genuinely inclusive, ensuring that our designs and experiences are accessible to everyone.

She has given us such an excellent chance, Carolina Bourassa, a 20-year-old student of plastic arts, remarked. “It would be great if more companies followed suit. But, it’s not like on Instagram or YouTube,” she said.

After the performance, visitors may participate in an outside party and celebrate the label’s sixth anniversary with refreshments.

Serre, 30, is a rising star in the business and has received several fashion awards. Including the LVMH prize, which Rihanna presented to her in 2017. (Laetitia Volga and Mimosa Spencer reported; Sandra Maler edited.)